Claudio Marty – The “Truth” Must Prevail!



slander-300x232 Please note:  It was Ken Doc that kept pushing the tshirts in the beginning of this campaign & I wanted nothing to do with it but he persisted.  When I finally gave in, I asked both Ken & Cheri to handle any tshirts or other merchandise that Cheri Roberts proposed and they both said NO!  So when I said I would handle it, Cheri used a screenshot of what I said out of context to hurt me and this campaign.  Ken Doc knows this but he never stepped forward about this reality.  He is as guilty as she is on the wrath of attacks on us based on false & distorted claims against me personally…   It was a trap that Cheri Roberts set up with the help of  her dupe accomplice Ken Doc!

A lie is like a crack in our foundation and whatever we build upon it will inevitably collapse.I woke up to the 9/11 deception in late 2011.  After 2 years of researching, I got tired of complaining and planned a strategy to unite the grassroots and get everyone to advertise the 9/11 lie using our profile pictures & avatars online.  We were going viral in the first month with thousands of people jumping on board but the attacks were vicious and personal.  The campaign came close to disappearing, but we fought back with all our might.  We survived the onslaught and we are growing every day.

Disclaimer: Cheri Roberts has nothing to do with I Am The Face of Truth – I, Claudio Marty, am the creator of I Am The Face of Truth and it’s concepts, language and vision for “The Truth Movement.”

Email a friend wrote on Claudio Marty’s behalf.    Sent to

Dear Mr —————

I’m writing you to give some insights into recent events which I find quite concerning.

I’ve known Claudio for a number of years through our children’s classes.  On first impressions and ongoing experience, he has proved to be a deeply honest, positive minded, compassionate person that cares very much for his family and this country.  About two years ago, Claudio called me to talk about the depth of what he’s been researching in regard to 9/11, the financial system, etc.  As with any of us that have gone down this road of discovery, the truth pierced his soul.  As with many of us, he wanted to do something about it…share the truth with others.  He learned quickly that this wasn’t a topic that most people wanted to entertain and yet others couldn’t/wouldn’t entertain – I think this is another truth that we discover on this journey once we wake up.  Part of the problem here, as we discussed, is that there are lots of little pieces that make up the whole and it’s just too much for the average person to take in.  Add to this the growing problem of disinformation, personal agendas, political agendas and it makes the landscape of truth even more difficult to sort through.

A year or so later, Claudio called me again with excitement in his voice.  He was working on a campaign that he thought would reach more people.  He explained to me that it came to him while taking what he learned from sales/training career, his ability to understand people through this experience.  As time went on, the phone calls became closer together as he was working out the details of how this could work and would work….bite size pieces of truth with a catchy phrase, etc.  He told me that he has been meeting some great people within the 9/11 Movement that knew how to put all this in a website and help him get it out there, as Claudio did not have enough time to do this with his full-time job.    It all sounded inspiring and exciting.    The website was created, the word was out about aspects of the campaign.    Admittedly, I was re-invigorated seeing that Claudio was able to take it this far and maybe this idea of his could make a difference – he certainly had the passion for it and believed in it.

Almost immediately when the website was to be unveiled, Claudio emailed me that the person that was helping him with the website, had turned on him and had basically stolen the ideas, information, and research that he had spent the last year accumulating for it.  He was quite upset about this and asked me to take a look at what was transpiring.  At first glance through the plethora of postings from this Cheri Roberts, I concluded that this must be some sort of misunderstanding/misinterpretation that needed to be worked out.

As the days continued, however, my initial perception of the drama unfolding changed, as I saw a very intentional, cruel campaign of slander occurring by Cheri Roberts.  It was not just isolated on Claudio’s page, but Cheri’s page, Ken Doc’s page, the Truth Movement page.    As if to completely ruin this man, Claudio – calling him a fraud, a plant and many other labels to incite rage from the viewing audience.  Which it did most effectively.    Quite honestly, viewing how people responded to this type of attack, like wild dogs, didn’t exactly give me hope for ‘truth’ or this country’s ability to work together to change anything.  Personally, knowing Claudio and knowing that this Cheri Roberts was intentionally spreading false information about him, was very difficult to watch.  It went as far as Cheri digging on the web to find Claudio’s personal information, where he lived, etc.  Promoting herself as self-professed hero of truth to destroy Claudio, asking people to help her.  I became very concerned for Claudio and his family…their safety and where all this would lead.  I wrote a letter or two to the 9/11 Truth Movement website on FB to try and get this stopped but that’s about all I could do, as there was a firestorm of anger spreading.

Shortly after the massive postings about Claudio, came the “Claudio the Fraudio” campaign.  It was presented as a major ‘unveiling’ from Cheri Roberts’ website.  Then it was broadcasted far and wide across the web, in the 9/11 Truth Movement, on her page and on Ken Doc’s page.  I read this expose with a clear and balanced view.  Taking each section and analyzing it.  What I came away with was this whole article was based on a fictitious story meant to glorify Cheri Roberts and demonize Claudio.  The use of “RED alert,” the catchy slogan….followed up with “let’s get this villain,” which quite possibly ended up getting this man harmed.  At the very least, it opened my eyes to the degradation of real truth, how little respect it is given, and how little of a priority and sacredness it is given. Sensationalism and drama seem to be the virus plaguing humanity at the moment, as it is far too easy to distract.  For those that hold truth in the highest light and for those that died that day and their families….it was the most disrespectful display of self-righteousness and promotion I have seen in a long time.

Never mind that Claudio happened to be a friend of mine.  It could have been anyone.  It just made it more personal for me to view it from that perspective.  However, I don’t think any truth movement is going to get very far with the bar for truth being so low as to allow this type of behavior to run rampant.  I find it a real shame that people like Cheri Roberts managed to muck up this movement with this type of drama.  I find it a real shame that people within the “truth” movement didn’t take the time to do their own research to find out if any of her story was true and I find it very disheartening that it was so easy to twist the focus of this movement to someone’s personal agenda.

Annette B.

Disclaimer: Cheri Roberts has nothing to do with I Am The Face of Truth. I, Claudio Marty, am the creator of I Am The Face of Truth and it’s concepts, language and vision for “The Truth Movement.”

Questions or need help with creating a 9/11 awarness picture? Email to

I Am The Face of Truth Meet Up 2018 – Part 1 – Presentation by Claudio Marty





32 thoughts on “Claudio Marty – The “Truth” Must Prevail!

  1. It’s important for all to be on the same page at the same time of the people that want to hurt the movement & their tactics. Otherwise we are all vulnerable.
    It’s the truth. That’s what we’re all about!


  2. The 9/11 truth movement in my opinion has become stronger due to the unselfish efforts of Claudio and his close web of loyal friends. I’m glad to help. It’s great that surely, the world is waking up of the true happenings that occured on that day! The movement is gaining strength everyday and sometime, there will occur a tipping point. I anticipate that day. Good going Claudio.

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  3. I was asked to join the “I Am the Face of Truth” for 9/11 Truth campaign by my good friend Claudio Marty in 2014. I had already been questioning the official story of 9/11 since soon after it happened and things just didn’t add up from what the government said about it. Having done a lot of research over the years, and realizing the truth was being covered up, I just couldn’t allow myself to be a part of all the lies. The “I Am the Face of Truth” campaign has allowed me to be part of many great, intelligent people who also know the official story of the events that day is full of omissions of obvious truths and outright lies. I am glad to be a part of this campaign to spread awareness of the fraud of 9/11 and encourage anyone reading this to join us by having a banner created for you to use on social media. It is past time for a real investigation, true justice, and to correct our corrupt government on the disastrous path it has taken. All our leaders should honor their oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, and should not subject our people to mass murder scams for the greed of the elite. Thank you, and truth up! -Michael Atkinson, U.S. Army Veteran

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  4. I believe in the 9/11 Face of Truth campaign and I believe Claudio has done some excellent work on this campaign. We must find ways to come together and move forward with the best evidence we can use and work with groups like Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

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  5. Mike Cook says:

    Thanks for all the good work Claudio! Most unfortunately, in this fight we are in, anyone who is a good person, doing good work, will come under fire, be attacked in some fashion. It’s just the nature of this battle between good an evil. I could write a long list; Steven Jones had to take early retirement and barely avoided termination; Kevin Ryan was fired, as was Kevin Barrett. There have been quite a few fatalities also. Being attacked in someway is one easy way to identify the good people who are being effective, having a positive impact. I had the idea for this banner campaign myself, and I believe in it strongly. Hang tough, because as our numbers grow, the efforts against it, and you, will likely grow stronger.

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  6. Charlotte Rady says:

    For any of us who have questioned the 9-11 story, and have not known how or where to go with the information that we have researched that has led us to the truth, we now have that outlet to share with more of the world through Claudio’s efforts. He has managed to pull together a world of people all questioning the 9-11 story. The movement is growing…and we know there are many more out there like us who need to join us in our message. Thank you Claudio for all of your work, love, and care!

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  7. Vini Naressi says:

    3 things I have to say,

    1)The corrupt fear us

    They are intimidated by this campaign and how it has been very successful in awakening the masses… not to worry, we will prevail, nor will we be defeated by their lies.. the truth always comes out to the light… nothing hides under the sun. We are victorious!

    2)The honest support us

    We are many who are good and support this movement.
    Claudio Marty has imparted truth and honesty and he is a man of integrity… If anyone who is part of this movement lacks honesty they do not belong here.

    3)The heroic join us

    Heroes do not wear capes and masks… Heroes are you and I who stand for the truth even when everyone calls us crazy… I can mention a few but will not have room to mention them all. I encourage everyone to bring others into the truth by raising your banners, you are heroes, don’t think any less.
    Go out there and produce more heroes.
    May this campaign remain successful and blessed!

    Thank you Claudio Marty, it is a great pleasure to meet the greatest hero ..much love ♡

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  8. Hello. I have joined Claudio and 911 truth group recently. But I realize after have read this letter how Claudio should do a big big research work about 911. I didn’t know Cheri Roberts then and I don’t know what she has done. I think Claudio is a fighter for a truth and he wants to awake all people and it’s so great. The world will be so much better with more people like you dear Claudio. My English is not good but I’m totally agree with Vini. And I think the campaign was, is and will be very helpful for many people so thank you Claudio for your great job, your abilities to see the truth, all your efforts for never given up ❤ Much respect !!! WE ARE THE FACE OF THE TRUTH

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  9. I used to box. The objective is to beat your opponent & not mind the beating you may get. The goal is winning the fight no matter how big or mean your challenger!

    The good guys must be tougher than the bad guys in order to defeat them.

    “The time has come for them to lose.” Deborah Whittington / England


  10. Claudio a bad guy? Bullshit! This guy takes up so much personal time, (and will help you out in anyway he can), with nothing ever but positive, friendly and kind behavior towards everyone that wants to be a part of HIS MOVEMENT! Claudio brother, I love ya, sincerely. I am so sorry you’ve had to go thru this. ANYTHING I can do, don’t hesitate to ask.
    911 Truth! It’s coming.

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  11. To anyone who doubts Claudio.. I have to say, you simply do not know him or how hard he works to bring truth to the sheep out there that just do not see it… He is a class act. Me? Not so much.. I am a retired Marine MSgt and since waking up to truth ALL political correctness on my part has gone out the window.. but when he asked me to review this page and comment.. he also asked me to not use the F bomb (yeah, he knows me, lol).. so in total respect to you Claudio… My tongue is bleeding from biting it so hard 😉 heheh.. How DARE anyone try to steal his work or accuse him of not putting heart and soul into it? I knew him from BEFORE that “so called partnership” … It was his baby then.. and it is his baby now… Period. Cheri … go crawl under a rug where you belong.. he is WAY out of your league… and those who know him would NEVER give you an ounce of support.. ever.

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  12. Jennie Johnstone says:

    From the moment I discovered the reality of that unthinkable act, trying to convey it to those that could not/would not see the facts have been grueling, but I (and thousands of others around the world, as the slow awakening continued) still persevered, feeling it a duty to say what needed saying. It was excruciating. It felt like trying to tell of the rape of a child, of which none could fathom it, so the criminal behavior not only goes unseen, but continued.

    Then, as if that wasn’t enough, people speaking derisively against us, feeling alone, stigmatized, the perpetrators knew the tactics to squelch us. Of course, those that felt strongly about the injustice continued, passionately. Having long accepted that popularity was not something we concerned ourselves with, after all, the bombs being dropped on innocent human beings all around the world, with the war cry, “Remember 9-11” were the consequences of accepting the lie. Insults rolled off of us like water droplets from a duck’s back eventually. We didn’t care anymore. It didn’t matter, though prior, we endured painful exchanges with loved ones who could not and would not consider even the immense evidence. I was in tears many many times, until I wasn’t anymore, just kept sharing the knowledge. Yeah, I was treated like I had some kind of disease by the willfully deaf, dumb and blind. Was my ego going to win out? Hell no. I was going to keep doing what needed doing. So were many others though, but we didn’t know each other.

    But, as I started meeting more people online, the sense of relief and comfort was profound, and as more people were waking up, our numbers showed we were not alone and feeble minded, as so many wanted to believe of us.

    Then, as I reveled in the comfort of friends who were on to the reality, yet a more profound thing happened. Thank God for Claudio Marty. He too saw the power of us standing together, declaring we are not alone, unafraid to declare that outrageous fact, that 9-11-01 was indeed a false flag operation, orchestrated by a diabolical bunch profiting off of bloodshed, and duplicity so mind boggling, it goes unseen by most, but, those of us that did see found refuge in standing proudly, and being part of this operation, willing to say it with thousands all around the world. I love this man, for his strength of character, for the great strides the Truth Community has made, and continues to make. My hat goes off to him. He has made, and continues to make great sacrifices. AND, the Truth Community is becoming a dynamic and beautiful force to be reckoned with. (Now if only the theme song to “Rocky” would be playing in the back ground 😉 ) Thank God for Claudio Marty. We keep growing, faster and farther yet. My heart is filled with joy as we are actually making great breakthroughs that we were not prior. ❤

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    • I just read your comments with fresh eyes. It’s beautiful & very powerful. The affection & appreciation you expressed for this campaign is what I have always felt for humanity and especially for those, like yourselves that stepped out of your comfort zones to actually be part of the solution & not just relentless & chronically complaining about the problems in this world. You guys are my heroes & because of you, I will never give up. Thank you. Sincerely, Claudio Marty


  13. Grant Wickham says:

    Hi Claudio, reading the above is quite saddening to say the least. Especially considering the great job you and some of your close friends are doing, in your free time. I have witnessed besmirching several times on chat and once I recall on my first profile pic. To me it was like someone urinating in the Pacific Ocean, it made no difference to my perceptions of you at all. I did see the danger though that this sort of subterfuge could affect the less enlightened. Since I bannered up and made a brief testimony I have maintained it and am not about to revert back to a bannerless ID pic as I see this campaign as extremely worthwhile and effective. I identify with many others and stop to investigate while scrolling if I see a bannered up ID. I immediately presume they are on the same ‘page’ as myself, though this is not always the case. I have noted several times people who have no idea and just got a banner because it’s cool. That’s OK though as they carry the message and will learn through association. I have no idea who Cheri Roberts is but I have seen others publicly character assassinate you from the comfort of sitting behind their computers. Personally, I think that is a cowardly action and in saying that, when those cowards attack you Claudio they lower themselves and hence raise your character up. I was even blocked for following one post where you were being attacked. I think we as a force need to be polite and assertive when faced with their aggression, though I did take a few opportunities to mock a person who attacked me personally on chat as per above incident of ‘following’ a post. Anyway that’s all incidental and expected. In Australia we call them Ryobis. Ryobis grass cutters, always trying to cut the grass under others feet because they themselves are ineffectual and mediocre so have to cut others down to their own pissant level. It’s a honour to know you Claudio, you inspire and lift others up. Mia Dduw bendithia chi. (May God bless you). Grant Wickham. ME’d. Head Teacher. (Retired)

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  14. First allow me to say I AM a very very straight forward type of a person and I have spent many many years as a woman of TRUTH, I know Bull crap when I hear it or see it…. I abhor injustice of any kind, and because I live, breathe, eat, drink, walk, truth at all times, my vibration is very tuned into those who represent UNTRUTH and those who represent TRUTH. With all that being said, not ever at any one time in my dealings with Claudio online or on the telephone to discuss 911 Truth, did I ever ever get the impression he was not 100 percent authentic. Claudio’s passion for truth and justice involving 911 and all other issues in the best interest of HUmanity is without a doubt on fire with LOVE & HEART.

    I would like to point out something very distinct in favor of Claudio, if he were a fraud, he would have given up a long time ago, this struggle has been absolutely gut wrenching and real for him. Even in light of the fact that this movement has cost him many sacrifices that most would not dare to make, most especially where his loved ones are concerned. Did this stop this man others call a fraud??? NO, because Claudio began a work here that he believes in with all his heart and soul, he understands that our very planet and HUmanity hangs in a very dangerous and fatal balance…. So to all who doubt, dare I say to YOU, would you sacrifice anything in your life for the world????

    In closing, Cognitive Dissonance is a very lethal disease, just because a person is not brave enough to face some real TRUTHS of our corrupting government and society does not make these horrific events UNTRUE…. they are very real, 911 was very real, and the corrupting sources behind 911 are very real. Thank God for Claudio and all others like him and I personally have zero tolerance for those who are continuing to bring down and attempt to destroy the bringers of TRUTH AND LIGHT!!!

    In the pursuit of Truth and Love

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  15. Karin Hansen says:

    We must be doing something right to bring on such besmerchment. Claudio, I have nothing but respect for you and what you have pulled together. I too have watched as this movement was smeared…and sometimes you personally. It tells me we are on the right page…teamwork makes dream work. 😉

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  16. When Ken Doc, Joe Haley, Cal Amyote et al tore into you it gave you credibility in my mind. I joined F.O.T. immediately.
    I respected most your initial inclusiveness. That was the focus of those gatekeepers attack on your campaign.
    You have resisted the gatekeepers moderately well, I understand the pressure that they can exert.
    Keep Facing the Truth, Claudio!

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  17. I’d like to add my two cents here. Claudio Marty has done nothing but approach the 9/11 truth movement with honesty and a genuine intent to spread widely the common sense minimalist view that 1) the official story of 9/11 is bogus and a coverup and 2) that a genuine public investigation is needed–in my mind, this will be an empowered people’s grand jury–to bring the legitimate perpetrators to justice.

    More than that, his Face of Truth campaign remains one of the most brilliant marketing projects ever conceived, inside or outside of the 9/11 truth movement. Claudio is warm, candid, intelligent, inclusive, well-reasoned, and committed to a wholesome cause for truth and justice. It’s absolutely incomprehensible to me that any conscientious, caring person would attack Claudio for his achievements in the 9/11 truth movement.

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  18. Ken Cabeen says:

    Claudio strikes me as very sincere, passionate, and honest about this most vitally important of endeavors. I am very happy to be a member of FOT, and cannot understand why anyone would besmirch him.

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  19. There are many examples of gatekeeping to conceal the zionist-Israeli connections and to divide our movement. Back about 2010, Cheri Roberts was a moderator of the FB 9/11 Truth Movement group. She took exception to my posts that expose Israeli involvement in 9-11. Cheri threatened to ban me from 9/11 Truth Movement FB group if I kept posting “anti-Semitic” material.

    I felt disappointment to see Cheri Roberts maintain her post as moderator.

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