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slander-300x232 Please note:  It was Ken Doc that kept pushing the tshirts in the beginning of this campaign & I wanted nothing to do with it but he persisted.  When I finally gave in, I asked both Ken & Cheri to handle any tshirts or other merchandise that Cheri Roberts proposed and they both said NO!  So when I said I would handle it, Cheri used a screenshot of what I said out of context to hurt me and this campaign.  Ken Doc knows this but he never stepped forward about this reality.  He is as guilty as she is on the wrath of attacks on us based on false & distorted claims against me personally…   It was a trap set up by Cheri Roberts with the help of  her dupe accomplice Ken Doc!

A lie is like a crack in our foundation and whatever we build upon it will inevitably collapse.I woke up to the 9/11 deception in late 2011.  After 2 years of researching, I got tired of complaining and planned a strategy to unite the grassroots and get everyone to advertise the 9/11 lie using our profile pictures & avatars online.  We were going viral in the first month with thousands of people jumping on board but the attacks were vicious and personal.  The campaign came close to disappearing, but we fought back with all our might.  We survived the onslaught and we are growing every day.

Disclaimer: Cheri Roberts has nothing to do with I Am The Face of Truth – I, Claudio Marty, am the creator of I Am The Face of Truth and it’s concepts, language and vision for “The Truth Movement.”

Email a friend wrote on Claudio Marty’s behalf.    Sent to

Dear Mr —————

I’m writing you to give some insights into recent events which I find quite concerning.

I’ve known Claudio for a number of years through our children’s classes.  On first impressions and ongoing experience, he has proved to be a deeply honest, positive minded, compassionate person that cares very much for his family and this country.  About two years ago, Claudio called me to talk about the depth of what he’s been researching in regard to 9/11, the financial system, etc.  As with any of us that have gone down this road of discovery, the truth pierced his soul.  As with many of us, he wanted to do something about it…share the truth with others.  He learned quickly that this wasn’t a topic that most people wanted to entertain and yet others couldn’t/wouldn’t entertain – I think this is another truth that we discover on this journey once we wake up.  Part of the problem here, as we discussed, is that there are lots of little pieces that make up the whole and it’s just too much for the average person to take in.  Add to this the growing problem of disinformation, personal agendas, political agendas and it makes the landscape of truth even more difficult to sort through.

A year or so later, Claudio called me again with excitement in his voice.  He was working on a campaign that he thought would reach more people.  He explained to me that it came to him while taking what he learned from sales/training career, his ability to understand people through this experience.  As time went on, the phone calls became closer together as he was working out the details of how this could work and would work….bite size pieces of truth with a catchy phrase, etc.  He told me that he has been meeting some great people within the 9/11 Movement that knew how to put all this in a website and help him get it out there, as Claudio did not have enough time to do this with his full-time job.    It all sounded inspiring and exciting.    The website was created, the word was out about aspects of the campaign.    Admittedly, I was re-invigorated seeing that Claudio was able to take it this far and maybe this idea of his could make a difference – he certainly had the passion for it and believed in it.

Almost immediately when the website was to be unveiled, Claudio emailed me that the person that was helping him with the website, had turned on him and had basically stolen the ideas, information, and research that he had spent the last year accumulating for it.  He was quite upset about this and asked me to take a look at what was transpiring.  At first glance through the plethora of postings from this Cheri Roberts, I concluded that this must be some sort of misunderstanding/misinterpretation that needed to be worked out.

As the days continued, however, my initial perception of the drama unfolding changed, as I saw a very intentional, cruel campaign of slander occurring by Cheri Roberts.  It was not just isolated on Claudio’s page, but Cheri’s page, Ken Doc’s page, the Truth Movement page.    As if to completely ruin this man, Claudio – calling him a fraud, a plant and many other labels to incite rage from the viewing audience.  Which it did most effectively.    Quite honestly, viewing how people responded to this type of attack, like wild dogs, didn’t exactly give me hope for ‘truth’ or this country’s ability to work together to change anything.  Personally, knowing Claudio and knowing that this Cheri Roberts was intentionally spreading false information about him, was very difficult to watch.  It went as far as Cheri digging on the web to find Claudio’s personal information, where he lived, etc.  Promoting herself as self-professed hero of truth to destroy Claudio, asking people to help her.  I became very concerned for Claudio and his family…their safety and where all this would lead.  I wrote a letter or two to the 9/11 Truth Movement website on FB to try and get this stopped but that’s about all I could do, as there was a firestorm of anger spreading.

Shortly after the massive postings about Claudio, came the “Claudio the Fraudio” campaign.  It was presented as a major ‘unveiling’ from Cheri Roberts’ website.  Then it was broadcasted far and wide across the web, in the 9/11 Truth Movement, on her page and on Ken Doc’s page.  I read this expose with a clear and balanced view.  Taking each section and analyzing it.  What I came away with was this whole article was based on a fictitious story meant to glorify Cheri Roberts and demonize Claudio.  The use of “RED alert,” the catchy slogan….followed up with “let’s get this villain,” which quite possibly ended up getting this man harmed.  At the very least, it opened my eyes to the degradation of real truth, how little respect it is given, and how little of a priority and sacredness it is given. Sensationalism and drama seem to be the virus plaguing humanity at the moment, as it is far too easy to distract.  For those that hold truth in the highest light and for those that died that day and their families….it was the most disrespectful display of self-righteousness and promotion I have seen in a long time.

Never mind that Claudio happened to be a friend of mine.  It could have been anyone.  It just made it more personal for me to view it from that perspective.  However, I don’t think any truth movement is going to get very far with the bar for truth being so low as to allow this type of behavior to run rampant.  I find it a real shame that people like Cheri Roberts managed to muck up this movement with this type of drama.  I find it a real shame that people within the “truth” movement didn’t take the time to do their own research to find out if any of her story was true and I find it very disheartening that it was so easy to twist the focus of this movement to someone’s personal agenda.

Annette B.

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